Please thoroughly review these terms and conditions of Grandoria Tours & Travel agency and, herein referred to as the Agency. The addressee of this notice will be the only recipient of this booking receipt and terms and conditions. It is the receiver’s sole responsibility to inform all other parties travelling of the contents of these terms and conditions. By accepting this receipt and making payment, the booking passenger acknowledges that they have been advised of, reviewed, and as a result of this accept these terms and conditions and contract for travel-related services.


Passenger is required to immediately review all aspects of their booking to verify (but not limited to): passenger names, email address, telephone number, date of birth, arrival/departure airports, accommodations, and organized activities on your booking receipt. Please notify the Agency immediately if any omissions and/or corrections needed regarding the booking details. Passenger(s) voluntarily assumes full & sole responsibility for any/all risks and/or costs involved with failure to report such errors and/or omissions. Passenger is required to verify the accuracy of the Passenger’s LEGAL first & last names. Guest names must be identical to the Passenger (s) LEGAL first and last names and similar to the characters as they appear on booking and travel documents.


Passenger(s) assumes sole responsibility to independently confirm all documentation requirements for all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry and/or travel requirements of each destination. Passenger(s) assumes sole responsibility for and hereby releases the Agency from any claims or responsibility for damages incurred due to Passenger(s) failure to comply with applicable documentation requirements. 

The Agency recommends the Passenger (s) consult with the appropriate domestic and foreign governmental agencies for the current document requirements.


the Agency accepts Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. The Agency holds reservations until “Deposit Due Date” indicated on your confirmation. If the Agency does not receive deposit/payment on or before the Deposit Due Date, reservations are automatically cancelled. Failure to remit amounts on a timely basis will automatically put your booking at risk of cancellation. Please contact us immediately, and in advance of your payment due date, if you will be unable to meet this obligation. 


Prices and availability quoted by the Agency are not guaranteed until the deposit is fully paid. Pricing and availability may change without notice. Passenger agrees that the Agency is not responsible for any errors or omissions in any quotes, advertisements, including on our website, content, or pricing discrepancies nor is the Agency responsible for any errors or omissions that may occur as a result of incorrect information from third parties. 

Suppliers reserve the right not to honour any published prices that it determines were erroneous due to electronic, printing, or clerical error. You acknowledge this right and agree to hold the Agency harmless for any actions or damages arising from Supplier pricing.

The Agency reserves the right to charge Passenger (s) for any increase in taxes, fees or surcharges (i.e. fuel). Passenger(s) acknowledge this right and agree to pay any such additional taxes, fees, and taxation.


a. General Conditions Governing Air Transport

Airline tickets are highly restrictive, non-refundable, and non-transferable. Modification of passenger names, dates, times, routings, or departure/arrival airports is at the airline’s sole discretion and, if permitted, will likely be subject to a change fee. Passenger is responsible for any such fees. Concerning the purchase of air tickets, The Agency merely acts as an intermediary between you and the airline. Once you book a reservation, your credit card or debit card will be charged for the amount shown – regardless of whether or not the reservation is used. Credit will not be given for any unused airline tickets and cannot be used toward future bookings.

All tickets will be issued for economy class unless otherwise specified. Seat assignments are subject to the airline’s policies and may not be made until you are at the airport on the day of departure. 

Airline tickets booked through The Agency may not be eligible to earn frequent flyer miles. You agree to confirm all bookings with the airline before the stated date of departure (The Agency recommends confirming 72 hours prior).

Direct flights may be “non-stop” or may involve one or more stop-overs (in the latter case this means the same flight by the airline because the flight number remains the same). 

The same applies to connecting flights that may be subject to crew changes. When you reserve a scheduled or charter flight involving a stop-over in a town, and the second flight takes off from a different airport to the airport of arrival, ensure that you have sufficient time for reaching the second airport. The journey to the other airport is at your own expense. The Agency will not reimburse you for these costs, nor will it be liable if you miss the second flight.

b. The Agency’s responsibilities

regarding air travel are limited by the relevant airline’s carriage conditions. The airline fulfilling your contract for carriage may change from the airline mentioned by The Agency. The Agency is not able to specify the type of aircraft to be used by any airline. If an airline cancels or delays a flight, you must work directly with the airline to ensure you arrive at your destination on or ahead of time. The Agency will not provide any refund for Trips missed, in part or full.

c. Loss of air tickets

You agree to safeguard your tickets and bear any/all costs related to Loss of theft. If you lose your air ticket or stolen, The Agency advises that you immediately report it to the police and the airline.

d. Luggage

Each airline has its own policy regarding luggage. We recommend that you check with your airline ahead of time for any weight restrictions and additional charges relating to checked baggage.


All cancellations or no-shows are subject to penalties imposed by the supplier. If you require a copy of these terms, please contact the supplier or your agent at Grandoria. Additionally, all booking cancellations, transfers to another Agency, or no-shows are considered cancellations and subject to a non-refundable fee imposed by the Agency. The cancellation will be free of charge if the cancellation request is received within a three business day grace period from your booking date as noted on the attached confirmation.


Travel insurance protection is Strongly Recommended. As your travel agent, we have a professional responsibility to recommend the purchase of travel protection to protect both you and your vacation. While we do offer coverage through certain carriers, we cannot compare all the policies or companies currently in the marketplace. This responsibility rests solely with you, the customer, and we advise you to do your research and find coverage that best fits your individual needs. The Agency is limited to advising you of the need for such coverage.

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