Solution Partner in Corporate Training!

The definition of substantial participation is straightforward To make a change in your life no later than tomorrow. 

We are professionals who have new ideas in corporate training and professional consulting services areas and wish to share them with you by transforming them into training and consulting services. Heracles & Grandoria was established with this goal…

Our mission is to participate substantially in establishments and individuals' success on the challenging business life path.

For us, the definition of substantial participation is straightforward: To make a change in your life no later than tomorrow…

Our training and consultancy services are fresh and innovative, but our consultants' experiences are long-established.

We all are professionals who have been providing training services to our country's well-established corporations for a long time.

We are also going into partnerships with various strategic partners in order to maintain that the quality of the service we provide yourselves is perfect and thus reach global know-how.


Reinforce the performance of your most valuable source!

Employees are the most valuable sources of an institution. It is crucial to know how to motivate this source and provide them with the necessary information and skills for enhancing their performances.

We have provided services in human resources development with new and innovative training programs to Turkey and the Nearby Districts' essential establishments.

Our mission is to provide substantial participation to individuals and companies' success on the rough paths of business life, and the meaning of significant participation is straightforward for us: To make a change in your life no later than tomorrow.

We, Heracles & Grandoria feel great joy in creating innovative training that will meet our customers' varying requirements.

All of our Business Networking, Switch- How to Change, Motivation 2.0 and Strategic Thinking training programs that answer the current critical needs of development we have recently designed, are firsts in Turkey but our internships and projects are not limited to these.


Full Day Training Programs Tour In Turkey

We have many more training programs we have designed together in the direction of the requirements and goals of corporations and establishments that we have the knowledge and accumulation for and believe will create a difference.

We are sharing the titles of some of our training programs here.

Please contact us with your other training requirements.

  • Business Networking Social Relationship Management
  • Strategic Thinking and Management
  • Finance And Accounting Programs
  • Switch-How to Change
  • Manager Development Programs
  • All Administrative Programs
  • From Sales to Coaching
  • Dealer Development Program
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Creativity
  • Occupational Health And Safety
  • Health And Hospital Care
  • Motivation 2.0
  • Public Relations And Publicity
  • Innovation

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