Where is Fethiye Butterfly Valley

Fethiye Butterfly Valley is located in Fethiye, at the foothills of Mount Papadag, on the Aegean Sea, in Mugla Province.

Fethiye is a Turkish pearl lying on the Mediterranean coast. It will reduce the entire world to you and put it in your hands. You will not feel bored even for a moment in that picturesque city. It is tourism in Fethiye, located in southern Turkey on the Aegean Sea.

Butterfly Valley Fethiye

Fethiye is a delightful city, which will surprise you by its charming nature, and how many exciting activities it offers you. From safari trips and walking through valleys, green plains, mountain climbing, air balloon, and marine activities, such as diving, swimming, boat trips, and yachts to its picturesque islands and its beaches Classified as one of the most beautiful beaches of the world, as well as many distinguished historical places.

Fethiye butterfly valley beach is a picturesque natural place that is closer to the imagination than reality. Thanks to these charming scenes and colorful butterflies that surround you from every side during the visit as if you are the champion of one of the beautiful novels or legends, not to mention this beautiful place's uniqueness. The hustle and bustle of life in big cities make it one of the ideal tourist destinations for visitors' spouses to Turkey looking for a romantic and memorable vacation.

It is one of Turkey's most magnificent tourist attractions because of its amazing views when butterflies spread among trees and colorful flowers. This valley is one of the most peaceful places away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Fethiye butterfly valley is one of the most picturesque places in Fethiye, characterized by its white beaches and a hundred different types of butterflies.

Things to do in Fethiye butterfly valley

  • You can see swarms of rare butterflies of various shapes and colors, as they number more than 100 species, as they fly in the valley near the waterfalls.

  • Enjoy the valley of the Butterflies' enchanting scenery in Fethiye, with crystal water, fresh surroundings, and golden sunshine.

  • The Valley of the Butterflies, which has an area of ​​86 thousand square meters, includes a beautiful waterfall at an altitude of 350 meters, which usually accepts tourists to enjoy its picturesque scene while capturing a group of the most beautiful photographs of unforgettable memories. It contains about 100 types of unique butterflies, including the jersey butterfly and the snakehead butterfly, which abound in October and November, in addition to nearly 147 species of plants belonging to 54 families.

  • You can overnight at the Valley of the Butterflies in Fethiye by making some tents on the beach or renting some wooden huts.

  • One restaurant in the Valley of the Butterflies in Fethiye serves delicious Turkish meals and beautifully presents them.

  • Feel relax and relax when sitting on a hammock near the beach in the Valley of the Butterflies in Turkey, surrounded by trees and colorful roses.

  • You can take a unique cruise by boats and yachts scattered in the Valley of the Butterflies in Fethiye.

  • Enjoy outdoor parasols rides and take the most beautiful memorial photos from the mountains surrounding the valley.

  • Enjoy listening to songs in various languages ​​of the world, which are sought out by foreign tourists when the night arrives on the beach in the Butterfly Valley in Fethiye.

  • Whether you visit Butterfly Valley only for a day or overnight, you must know that the most important thing to do is to do everything that keeps you in touch with nature. The hikers will love to spend a wonderful day in the valley while photographers will search for freeing memory space on their cameras to take the most beautiful photos. Swimmers will have a great time in the clear and sparkling blue waters like the sun, and you can calm your nerves and take a sunbath on the beach, Or set aside time for a barbecue at the edge of the beach.

The best time to reach the butterfly valley in Fethiye

The Valley of the Butterflies is open all year round, but if you like camping on the beach, the best period will be between June and September. Otherwise, night temperatures will drop dramatically over other months.

Hotels near Butterfly Valley in Turkey

Liberty Hotels Oludeniz:

Liberty Hotels Oludeniz Resort is one of the best resorts in Fethiye, which is near the Valley of the Butterflies in Fethiye, about 5.8 km. This hotel includes,

in addition to a restaurant, an outdoor pool, and a bar/lounge. It offers a free breakfast buffet, free Wi-Fi in public areas, and free parking. Other facilities include a beach bar and coffee/tea in the common area and laundry facilities.

Alesta Yacht Hotel:

This hotel is located in Fethiye city center, a 10-minute walk from Marmaris Dolphinarium-Aquapark and Fethiye Fish Market. Fethiye Mosque and Museum is 2 km away.

In addition to a full-service spa, this hotel offers a restaurant and an outdoor pool, a free breakfast buffet, free Wi-Fi in public areas, free parking, and a free shuttle to the beach. Other amenities include 2 bars/lounges, a sauna, and coffee/tea, in a common area.

Do not forget to check Fethiye city tours and explore more about unique tourist tours and programs in the city.

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